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Workgroup for the Evaluacion of Newly introduced medications, Standarization and Research into the Selection of drugs



Reposts based on the MADRE methodology, last updated July 9 2024:

  • Access over 1,000 reports Here

Individual MSE reports, last updated June 4 2021:

  • Access the reports Here

Reports from drug information centers, last updated December 8 2020:

  • Access over 900 reports Here

NEW!!!, March 28 2021:

  • GENESIS-SEFH DO’S AND DONT’S. Evaluating, selecting and positioning medicines: an essential task for hospital pharmacy departments. Ten key points. View the document here.

NEW!!!, March 20 2021:

  • Alegre del Rey EJ, Ortega Eslava A, Fénix-Caballero S, Fraga Fuentes D, Martínez López I, on behalf of SEFH’s GENESIS workgroup. How to improve the expressions and criteria used in drug evaluation and therapeutic positioning reports. REV. OFIL·ILAPHAR 2021.  Click Here.

NEW!!!, February 12 2021:

  • Collaboration agreement between the Health Ministry of the Murcia Region and the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy for drug evaluation (Official Gazette of the Murcia Region nr 35, Friday, February 12 2021). Click Here.

NEW!!!, February 8 2018:

  • Collaboration agreement between the Health Ministry of the Murcia Region and the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy for drug evaluation (Official Gazette of the Murcia Region nr 26, Thursday, February 1 2018). Click Here.

NEW!!!, July 9 2018:

NEW!!!, January  19 2017:

  • Conference on the economic evaluation of medicines. Genesis SEFH. Click Here

NEW!!!, July  26 2016:

  • GENESIS workgroup’s Code of Ethics. June 2015: Click Here

NEW!!!, October 11 2014:

  • Publication of the GENESIS workgroup’s checklist for critically evaluating indirect comparisons. Click Here

NEW!!!, September 18 2014:

  • Instructions and allegations model for GENESIS-SEFH shared reports. Click Here

NEW!!!, July  4 2014:

  • Methodological pharmacotherapeutic interchange guidelines (GIFT guidelines v. 2.0, May 2014). Click Here

NEW!!!, July 17 2014:

  • Web application (beta version) of the MADRE 4.0. methodology. Click Here

NEW!!!, December 20 2013:

  • Medicines evaluation conference, 14 January 2014: "Introduction to the MADRE methodology, version 4.0".
    • Access the conference agenda here 
    • Access the conference presentations here

“MADRE” METHODOLOGY, January 19 2017:

  • Preview of the MADRE Methodology, version 4.0: Click here


  • GENESIS standardized work protocol for the collaborative preparation of reports. Click here

Legislation, last updated January 26 2016:

  • Access the legislation of the different autonomous regions Here

GENESIS-SEFH documents, May 19 2012:

  • Hospital Pharmacy and the new challenges inherent in drug selection in Spain: The experience gained from serving the community. Click here

GENESIS-CMENM Declaration, February 3 2012:

  • Declaration of the GENESIS workgroup and the Mixed Committee for the Evaluation of New Medicines on importance of information and independent evaluations of new drugs. Click here

GENESIS website traffic reports, last updated May 3 2011:

  • Reports on the number of visits to the GENESIS website  Click here

Research. Presentation of results, September 4 2011:

Research. Preview of results, October 9 2015: Click here

  • FIS project
  • Ruiz Jarabo project
  • SESCS project
  • FEFH Project Award
  • MADRE methodology update project
  • Economic evaluation guidelines project
  • Training project

NEW!!!, November 7 2009:

  • Proposal by the GENESIS of a standardized work procedure for the in-hospital off-label use of drugs: Click here

NEW!!!, September 24 2009:

  • New procedure for submitting reports to the GENESIS workgroup: Click here
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