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Regulations of the SEFH Oncology Pharmacy workgroup (GEDEFO)


● To promote training in onco-haematology for SEFH members who work or have an interest in this professional area.

● To promote the development of oncology pharmacy to encourage integrating pharmacists into the healthcare team with the ultimate objective of improving pharmaceutical care for onco-haematological patients.

● To create a suitable framework for collaboration and exchange of experiences among SEFH members dedicated to onco-haematology.

● To promote and encourage the development of cooperative projects among its members.

Participation in the group


The group is open to all SEFH members who are interested in joining. Registration is via the group's website. Acceptance is immediate and is not subject to any requirement other than membership in the SEFH. Members who wish to unsubscribe or change their details should send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee will consist of ten (10) members, including a general coordinator and a secretary to be elected from among the members. The coordinator and secretary will be reappointed every two (2) years. They may only serve two (2) consecutive terms if re-elected. Likewise, the other members of the Steering Committee will be gradually reappointed every two (2) years by a minimum of 20% of its members in order of seniority unless there is unanimous consensus on the part of the Steering Committee.

Whenever the Steering Committee is to be reappointed, all members will be notified through a mailing list so that they can apply.

The Steering Committee, including the outgoing members, will choose candidates by consensus or simple majority, taking into account different aspects such as the activities carried out in the group, professional profile, etc.

Efforts will be made to ensure geographical representation among the members of the Committee. Currently seven (7) geographical areas have been established, which may be changed as deemed appropriate: Northwest, North, Catalano-Balearic, Central-Canary, Levante, Western Andalusia and Eastern Andalusia.

Where there is no representative from an area on the Committee, priority in the election will be given to candidates from that area, and if there are several, members from each area will be allowed to nominate their representative to the Steering Committee.

This geographical representation structure is considered essential to promote and coordinate participation in cooperative projects, taking into account the large number of SEFH members working in onco-haematology.

The Steering Committee will appoint a website manager, a training activities manager and a research activities manager. These officers may or may not be members of the Steering Committee. If they are not, they will participate in Committee meetings when deemed necessary.

The Steering Committee may appoint individuals or committees to lead and develop specific projects, as it deems necessary.

Communication channels

The main channel of communication will be the Group's website. The Steering Committee will publish meeting minutes, training activities and any other information considered to be of interest to the members of the Steering Committee. The email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be used to receive any comments, information or suggestions from members of the group.







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