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The Spanish group for the development of oncology pharmacy (GEDEFO) was established at the end of 1995 to create a specific framework to facilitate training in onco‑hematology, and to expand the collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experience in this field among hospital pharmacists.

In 2002 it became the Fundación Grupo Español para el Desarrollo de la Farmacia Oncológica [The Spanish Group Foundation for the Development of Oncology Pharmacy], whose purpose was to build a solid structure that would promote further progress towards achieving the proposed objective. After several years, the objective has been achieved and today GEDEFO plays a central role in the development of oncology pharmacy in our country.

Throughout this time, the SEFH has been developing and promoting the formation of workgroups, providing them with the necessary infrastructure so that they can operate properly. For this reason and in consultation with the Board of Directors, as of October 2013, GEDEFO ceased to be part of the Foundation structure and became a SEFH workgroup. This formal change implies modifying the workgroup’s organizational structure and its internal working rules, but does not affect the final objectives of improving onco‑hematological patient care through training, research and development of oncology pharmacy.








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