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GEDEFO pursues the following goals:

1. Promoting training in onco-hematology for hospital pharmacists working or interested in this field.

2. Boosting the development of oncology pharmacy to encourage integrating pharmacists into the healthcare team with the ultimate objective of improving pharmaceutical care for cancer patients.

3. Creating a suitable framework for collaboration and exchange of experiences among hospital pharmacists working in onco-hematology.

4. Driving and encouraging the development of cooperative projects among its members.  

GEDEFO may carry out, among others, the following activities to better fulfil its purposes: 

1. Develop research projects in onco hematology.

2. Support research groups working in onco hematology.

3. Organize congresses, seminars and courses for researchers and technicians in oncology pharmacy.

4. Participate in any national or international forums that are planned in oncology pharmacy.

5. Award prizes to individuals who have worked intensively in oncology pharmacy.

6. Achieve the widest possible dissemination of hospital activity in this field.

7. Coordinate the different local and regional activities to ensure optimal research results.

8. Develop and publish consensus documents in oncology pharmacy.

9. Fund activities that support the development of oncology pharmacy.

10. Perform all those tasks that are subordinate or ancillary to the main activity, such as the sale of books, working documents, services, etc.

11. Carry out the economic activities necessary for fulfilling its objectives. And, in general terms, perform any actions that may be conducive to the best achievement of its objectives.

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