1. To establish a basic framework clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics/pharmacogenomics (PK/PG) framework for each one of the different medicines that have been shown to be subject to such activities and/or for the different patient populations that have demonstrated differential ADME characteristics or genetic polymorphisms.

2. To design and promote multicenter population-based pharmacokinetics/ pharmacogenetics studies that respond to previously-agreed working hypotheses. Research studies and publications will be conducted with grants from official organizations.

3. To define and standardize the aspects of pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics to be taught to pharmacy residents so as to ensure a minimum standard of competence. Promote the official recognition by SEFH of hospital departments engaging in PK/PG activities.

4. To collaborate with other groups or professional associations who share our same goals.

5. Promote and increase the visibility of hospital pharmacies engaged in PK/PG activities by using the new communication technologies and the pKGen workgroup’s website and twitter account.