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SEFH’s clinical nutrition workgroup was established to meet the needs of SEFH members dedicated wholly or partly to providing nutritional support to both in- and outpatients.

The complexities of nutritional support as well as the need for these professionals to liaise with other healthcare providers also involved in administering these therapies mean that the needs of these hospital pharmacists may differ from that of some of their colleagues who practice in other areas, such as oncology, pharmacokinetics, outpatient care, etc.

The progressive increase in the number of patients, conditions and specialties, both in the realm of parenteral and enteral nutrition, as well as the specialty’s regulation within the hospital setting, have led many hospital pharmacists to accumulate extensive clinical experience, which must necessarily be accompanied by training and the acquisition of a specific skills-set to ensure that they are capable of catering for their patients’ needs. The reason behind the creation of the clinical nutrition workgroup was to provide hospital pharmacists dedicated to nutritional support, as well as other hospital pharmacists, with the support and resources they require in the field of nutritional support. .

The workgroup therefore seeks to become a forum for sharing experiences, keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field, and standardizing work procedures, always promoting the highest standards of professional practice.