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The general purpose of the Medical Device workgroup are as follows:

  • Promote rational use of medical devices.
  • Encourage participation of hospital pharmacists in the management of medical devices.
  • To encourage hospital pharmacists to use medical devices in the patients’ benefit.
  • Prepare documents and standardized work procedures for the assessment, selection and use of medical devices in hospitals.
  • Encourage hospital pharmacists to perform clinical, educational and research activities in the realm of medical devices.

The specific goals of the workgroup are as follows:

  • Being together all hospital pharmacists with a special interest in and special dedication to medical devices.
  • Facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences between professionals.
  • Encourage pharmacists’ participation in the selection of medical devices for their hospital’s formulary.
  • Prepare consensus-based documents and procedures for assessing, selecting and using medical devices in hospitals.
  • Make available useful information on medical devices to hospital pharmacists.
  • Promote the organization of training courses and debates on medical devices and other matters of professional interest, geared particularly towards pharmacy residents.
  • Perform and promote multi-center research.
  • Collaborate with other health professionals and other scientific societies.
  • Actively participate in the application of medical devices in pharmaceutical care.