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  • To build consensus across hospital pharmacy departments with respect to the main compounding processes and procedures to boost the effectiveness and safety of the final products.
  • To make available the necessary tools to ensure proper pharmaceutical compounding practice.
  • Organize training activities on pharmaceutical compounding addressed to technicians and pharmacists.
  • To conduct and promote pharmaceutical compounding research projects, including the compounding of drugs for clinical trials, in areas of little interest for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • To foster the establishment of relations with other scientific societies and workgroups with similar goals, and to work toward the standardization of extemporaneous compounding across different levels of care.


  • Web-based query form: the workgroup shall work on the design of a query form to be built into SEFH’s website. The form will be connected to a repository that will contain the main extemporaneous formulations prepared by hospital pharmacy departments. SEFH members will be able to use the form to query the data and download the information obtained. The repository will be conceived as a dynamic tool, which should be fed by contributions from all our members.
  • Pharmaceutical compounding newsletter: the workgroup shall create a newsletter containing relevant information for SEFH members and tips on practical aspects that may help improve their standard of practice.
  • Queries in SEFH’s mailing list: the large number of queries on pharmaceutical compounding posted in SEFH’s mailing list are testament to SEFH members’ interest in the subject and of the challenges they face in their daily practice. The workgroup shall take on the responsibility of addressing these queries to the best of our ability and build a repository of the most interesting questions and answer for the benefit of the profession as a whole.
  • Update of the workgroup’s website: our website will be the platform used to communicate with SEFH members and the place where the query form, the newsletter and other tools that may be developed in the future will be hosted.
  • Training: the workgroup shall organize a pre-congress course in next year’s SEFH National Congress titled “Compounding of sterile preparations.” The course will be addressed to staff and resident pharmacists.
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