General goal:

To position pain as a mainstay of hospital pharmacy with the aim of improving the care provided to the patient and involving hospital pharmacists more directly in the management of pain.

Specific goals:

  • To make hospital pharmacists realize the importance of a sound understanding of pain management
  • To provide hospital pharmacists and pharmacy residents with continuous training on pain management.
  • To sponsor training activities on pain management targeted at other professionals, both from healthcare and community institutions (nursing homes, health centers, day centers, etc.)
  • To involve patients in the management of their pain with the aim of improving their quality of life.
  • To design clinical guidelines and protocols for different types of pain and different patient groups.
  • To promote research into pain management.
  • To integrate hospital pharmacists in hospitals’ pain units and committees.
  • To ensure that the different scientific societies affected work together to provide patients with a unified approach.
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