SEFH’s Pain Management workgroup was established to respond to the need for pharmacists to develop and evolve at the same pace as the different treatments and approaches designed to manage the different modalities of pain. The workgroup seeks to promote the development of pharmaceutical practice in the realm of analgesia improve the quality of care, optimize and standardize the protocols and guidelines used for pain management, and increase the visibility of this area of practice.

At the same time, the workgroup has the vocation of promoting the training Hospital Pharmacists by organizing and sponsoring conferences, scientific meetings, refresher courses and other activities. Improving our ability to manage pain shall place us in a better position to participate in our hospitals’ pain management Units and Committees.

Apart from educational activities, the workgroup seeks to promote research into pain management by promoting projects and studies that may expand our knowledge of the subject thereby boosting the quality of life of the patients we serve.


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