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The Tutor’s Group has been part of SEFH’s family since 2016. It was established with the aim of assisting the teaching staff in getting ready for the forthcoming changes in the implementation of a new hospital pharmacy specialization program, which will be more focused on skills development and objective evaluation.

Specialized healthcare education is based on the acquisition of competencies through supervised practice of clinical, training and research activities. The tutor is the most important factor in the residents’ learning journey and plays a key role in planning, managing, supervising and evaluating the learning process. The tutor’s work is fraught with complexity and demands time, dedication, effort and motivation, as they are often required to educate residents in matters related to emotions, values, feelings and attitudes. They must also consider the complexities of each resident’s personality, addressing their learning needs in an individualized and personalized manner.

SEFH’s Tutor’s group seeks to enhance collaboration, knowledge exchange and experiences among all hospital pharmacists involved in training, whether they are tutors or staff members working in different areas. The workgroup also endeavors to align the efforts of these professionals, listen to their initiatives and develop projects capable of improving the quality of training, thereby ensuring the quality of the pharmacists of the future.